Jon G Sanchez Timelines of Success RMC PresentationOn February 21st, Jon G Sanches, CEO of Sanchez Wealth Management, presented to the RMC at the Atlantis Casino Resort, in Reno, Nevada. His presentation laid out the Trump effect on the stock market. He states that as we approach 21,000 on the DOW, it is all because of optimism.

He states that as we approach 21,000 on the DOW, it is all about optimism Everyone has believed that there will be moderate growth this year between 7 to 8% but we are already there but if President Trump follows through with his plan of tax reform, “hold on.”

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To find out more about the market and Jon’s projections listen to this episode of Timelines.

Jon Sanchez is a veteran of the securities and stocks and CEO of Sanchez Wealth Management, LLC,  He specializes in the complicated areas of retirement and wealth building by utilizing equity investments, real estate, and small businesses.

Jon has created, bought, or sold over 20 businesses. He is a leader in the Northern Nevada and California financial community.  Also check out RMC TV for video of this presentation.

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