Nevada Attorney General Debate

Craig Mueller & Wes Duncan – Sparks Fly

Questions Submitted Online for the Debate

  1. What is the future of online gaming in Nevada? Do you support mobile sports betting?
  2. What is the highest court you have actually argued a case before? What did you learn from the experience?
  3. Should we move the mentally ill out of our jails and into institutions designed to treat their illness?
  4. If yes, what would you do make this happen?
  5. What can we do to get the film and movie industry to build more studios and produce more films in Nevada?
  6. What types of case have you tried? Which was your most challenging trial?
  7. What administrative experience do you have?
  8. Why do you want the position?
  9. What is your view to working with any elected governor?
  10. What is the biggest issue facing Nevada?
  11. What is your position on the second amendment? What can we avoid another Route 91 Harvest Music Festival shooting which left 58 people dead?

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