Go Army! Beat Navy!

In the first part of this episode of Timelines, we get caught up with Doug Lobdell, LTC USA (Ret) and the second half we go into how he along with his classmates captured the Navy goat and brought it to West Point.

FaceTime & ScreenFlow 

On a technical site, this is the first time I have recorded a podcast using Facetime and ScreenFlow.

Maj Al Rupp

Dedicated to AL Rupp, USMA 1955 American AstronaughtWe dedicate this episode of Timelines to Maj Al Rupp, USMA 1955. As a West Point Rabble Rouser in his Second Class Year, he participated in capturing of the Navy goat, bringing it to West Point and parading the goat through Washington Hall the Sunday evening before the Army/Navy game. “It took an order from President Eisenhower to get West Point to return the goat before the game. As an officer in the US Air Force, he was selected in 1963 for the military astronaut program. In 1965 he was killed when his F-102 exploded.

LINK TO EPISODE EPISODE 34 with Doug Lobdell 



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