Rebecca Gill on Timelines with Bill Conrad and Jonathan DenwoodToday on this shared episode WP-Tonic & Timelines we have Rebecca Gill from Commerce Township Michigan. She is the founder and president of Web Savvy Marketing, a website, and SEO agency. Now this is an unusual episode so go on over to WP-Tonic.Com and, and you will find a slew of bonus content material to include two new YouTube clips but for now let’s get right into this podcast with Rebecca Gills.

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1. Do The Right Thing
2. Focus on What You Are Good At
3. Decision-Based Data
Below is a special Blab and YouTube Saturday morning workshops, recorded on April 2, 2016. It is our special Saturday morning show where we go into more detail and show an example on Google Hangouts. Today I did a lot or R&D (Reseach and Development) on the interface of Blab & Google Hangouts .

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