ISAAC TRAVARES, an Army War Veteran (03’ – 08’)  who earned his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Arizona (Dec. 12′). Having majored in both Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship, he’s looking to combine his love for sports, fitness, business, and technology to become the next successful tech entrepreneur. Today, his company, Sportkore is in “The Fight For Athletic Freedom!”

BLUF: Live one day at a time and focus on that day and do your best. Unleash your the Warrior Spirit.


  1. Are you a MAC or PC? Like to use a both. For project management it is a PC for graphics it is a MAC,
  2. What is your favorite technology?  Likes Google, many of their services and products are free. Hangout is a cool piece of technology and gmail is the best email out there.
  3. What is your favorite quote?  Soldier Creed & Warrior Ethos “I will always place the mission first, I will never except defeat, I will never quit and I will never leave a fallen comrade.”
  4. What are your favorite books? The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard
  5. Best advice you ever received: Some advice  that has stuck with Isaac is “never forget where you came from” by Isaac’s father.


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