imagesFORMER MODESTO CITY COUNCILMAN, BALVINO IRIZARRY, has a passion to serve. From his early years as state wresting champion, to his service as a Naval Officer and Modesto City Council, Balvino has committed his life to service and duty. Today, he is a political consultant and an expert in political mail and political messaging.

BLUF: Success Builds Success! There is a flame of passion in all of us. If you follow your passion, you will accomplish much and have fun along the way.


  1. Are you a MAC or PC? Like to use a PC. From his accounting and marketing background, he started on the PC and now he has so much knowledge and background
  2. What is your favorite technology?  The internet (I love the internet) and secondly he love the freedom of the smart phone (iPhone) . He can work from anywhere.
  3. What is your favorite quote?  “Passion is fever of the Mind” by William Penn & “Fatigue makes cowards of our mind” by Vince Lombardi
  4. What are your favorite books? “Spirit of Champions” by Lyle Nelson and Thorn Bacon This book is about how to integrate Mind, Body, and Spirit to achieve excellence in any endeavor.
  5. Best advice you ever received: Get a mentor and learn from people who know more than you do.


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