The Sharron Angle Interview

Sharron Angle has won 11 of 15 elections but running against an incumbent Republican Congressman proved to be too difficult to overcome.   Overall, she is a winner! She is an RMC Silver Sponsor and it was a pleasure to have her on Meet the Voter and Timelines.

About Sharron

Sharron Angle has called Nevada home for the majority of her life. Born in Oregon, Sharron and her family moved to Reno when she was three years old. It was in Reno that her family owned and operated a small motel. She later earned her BA from the University of Nevada Reno. Sharron married Ted Angle in 1970 and together they have two children and nine grandchildren.

Sharron and her husband spent 25 years in the rural Nevada towns of Ely, Winnemucca and Tonopah. She taught as a substitute teacher in public schools, taught community college art courses, co-founded, and taught K-12 in a one-room Christian school, homeschooled, tutored juvenile offenders, and operated a family fitness gym.

Life and Success Principles

  1. Prayer
  2. Personal Integrity
  3. Set Priorities (God – Family – Country)

Contact Information


Mailing: PO Box 33154 Reno, NV 89533

Phone:  (775) 787-2855

For more information see:

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